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Solar Pump

Solar pumps present a clean, simple and energy-efficient alternative to traditional electric and fuel-driven pump sets. They are part of an environmentally friendly approach in agriculture and can be used to exploit every region, whether its developed or poor.


Due to their immense potential for productive use and agricultural productivity, solar water pumps are now powering more and more agriculture projects. Knowing that 40% of the global population relies on agriculture as its main source of income, access to water remains an ongoing struggle for many people. This is what solar aims to change and introduce a cost-effective future for around 500 million small-scale farmers all around the world.


The main components in a solar pumping system include a photovoltaic (PV) array, an electric motor and a pump. Solar water pumping systems are classified as either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) systems based on their motor’s ability.


When it comes to stand-alone solar pumping systems, the main types include rotating and positive displacement pumps. 

Pumps are also classified as submersible and surface pumps, based on their placement (underwater and above the waterline).


For locations beyond the reach of power lines or where grid power is not reliable, DHCON can offer a clean and simple alternative Solution. They require no fuel and least maintenance.

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