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Engineering Consultant

Basic Engineering / Feasibility Study:

The goal of Basic Engineering / Feasibility Study is to limit project risk and address issues early phase of the project. When identified, many critical design constraints can be overcome effectively with proper planning. Without a basic engineering or thorough feasibility analysis, solar power system installations are more likely to go over budget or get stalled. The feasibility study determines if the solar project gets the green light by identifying roadblocks in the beginning of the planning phase.

DHCON team with experience will assist through complete project planning and project setup during feasibility study. Proper infrastructure planning holds critical importance in ensuring durability in large scale power plant projects.

  • Identification of Appropriate Project Sites

  • Site study

    • Topographical and Geographical studies

    • Hydrology and flood risk assessment.

    • Ground water assessment.

  • Conceptual architectural and Plot plan design

    • Rain water harvesting

    • Internal and external road

    • Boundary Fence

    • Rain water Harvesting

    • Storm water drainage

    • Underground cable trenches

    • Ground gradient analysis

    • Substation/control room building

    • Utility requirements (e.g. Sanitary, plumbing, water for PV module cleaning etc)

    • Security and access control system

  • Project Feasibility report

  • Estimation of electricity production

  • Financial analysis

  • Government Regulatory certifications & Permissions

Electrical Engineering :

Electrical team designing electrical systems for completeness of detailed engineering and drawings, to ensure there is complete optimization to generate power to the grid with minimal losses and failures.

  • Design and Calculation

    • Cable sizing calculation

    • Earthing sizing calculation

    • Lightning  protection calculation

    • Bus duct calculation

    • Battery charger , Battery sizing calculation

  • Electrical drawings/Document

    • System architectural layout

    • Cable schedule

    • Wiring diagram

    • Cable Tray layout

    • Equipment Location  layout (e.g. Arrangement of PV modules, Inverter, Junction box, LT panel etc)

    • Substation layout, control room layout

    • Earthing  & Lightning protection layout

    • Lighting layout

    • Typical installation details (e.g. Earthing, lighting, support etc)

    • Single line diagram

  • Bill of Material and Quantity

  • PLC/SCADA system design

    • I/O list database

The Civil & Structural Engineering :

The Civil & Structural team is the right combination of experience and adaptation test technologies that give a winning edge. Our approach to business is especially highlighted by our structural engineering know-how.

  • Steel support Fabrication Drawing

  • Steel support Shop Drawings

  • Steel Erection Drawings

  • Bill Of Materials

  • General Arrangement & Erection Drawings

  • Foundation design

  • RCC Design

  • Wind analysis

  • Fencing design

Procurement, Expedite, Inspection :

Technical Datasheet, Vendor supply specification, Material requisition

    • PV module

    • Inverter

    • Transformer


    • Cables

    • Accessories (Support structure, fitting etc)

    • Battery charger and Battery

    • Bus duct

  • Vendors offer evaluation, Technical bid comparison,

  • Purchase datasheet

  • Logistics coordination

  • Review Of Vendor Drawing/Document for all procured items

  • Supplier quality maintenance

  • Warehousing & Stock indexing

3D modeling :

  • PV module, Junction box, Inverter, LT panel

  • Substation, Control room building

  • Cable Trench, Cable tray

  • Structural support

Construction :

  • Site Contractor work requisition and scope of work.

  • Equipment and tool supply

  • Job specific civil works scheduling

  • Erection and Onsite modifications

  • Construction quality control and safety program adherence

  • As-built document preparation

Operation and Maintenance :

We also offer our clients complete Operations & Maintenance services at par with global standards, ensuring high performance ratios, which in turn enable our clients to get maximum returns on projects over system lifetimes.

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