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Installing Solar Panels

(Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services  is a  form of contracting arrangement used in the construction and engineering industries, when a customer hires a contractor to perform the entire work cycle. The Contractor, within budget, performs the work, manages the project and arranges for the work of sub-contractors.


In EPC project we  render our services from concept to commissioning. Our expertise team offer customers the best in quality services. Our solar projects are designed to work with a high degree of efficiency to achieve maximum performance ratio all the seasons. Care is taken towards minimizing the DC losses by design optimization. Our design methodology is unique and very specific to each geographical/ topographical condition as we believe that each and every location is unique when it comes to solar energy harnessing.  Our understanding of solar technology, track record and extensive global network allow us to deliver projects with globally benchmarked solar design and execution, within stipulated timeframes and cost, creating lifelong assets for client benefit.


The EPC contract is concluded between the customer and the contractor. Under the contact the contractor bears all risks and is tasked with the execution of the full scope of works for the project.

Benefits of EPC Services contracts:

  • Fixed budget and timeline

  • Contractor is responsible for management of all the activities within the construction project chain

  • Efficient project management as a one contact.

DHCON Engineering provides the following services (Concept to commissioning) within the EPC contract

EPC flow diagram1.png
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