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Housing Society Rooftop Solar

Considering today’s tariff for each unit of the electricity supply and amount of units consumed for common area electricity (e.g. water pumps, lifts, lights in parking and on every floor, and so much more), a housing society has to pay big amount from monthly collection on the electricity bills. This becomes one of the big factor hitting annual budget of the society. Hence, the housing society managing committee  always looking for saving in annual budget.


Setting up rooftop solar plant on the society terrace will help managing committee to save in annual budget by reduction of electricity energy consumption substantially (approx 70%-80% of current unit consumption).

Also, at present Investment in rooftop solar is possible to recover within 3 to 5 years, and there after free electricity  up to 25 years.

DHCON offer zero investment rooftop solar installation for the Housing society. Where zero (0) investment by the society and still saving on monthly electricity bills by approx 50%.

DHCON offer a 5-year AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) and make sure that, installed rooftop solar power system for housing society is generating electricity  as planned.


At DHCON, we take pride in the fact that we take a consultative approach. We help the management committee to educate the residents about the monetary benefits of installing solar power housing systems and bring all the residents on the same page. Our expert team help in designing solar systems for high-rise buildings where the wind speed is very high. Also, our expert team provides the best suggestions on the types of solar modules and technology that'll be most beneficial for your society.

Government provides subsidies of 20% to Residential Welfare Associations of housing societies for solar systems installed upto 500 kW.

Provided Installed solar system installation is,

  • Solar system installation is carried out by MNRE/DISCOM empanelled vendor like DHCON

  • Installed solar panel are DCR (Domestic content requirement) type.


The benefits that the society draws from installing a solar power housing system are:

  • A dramatic reduction in the common area utilities electricity bill.

  • The reduction of the carbon footprint and society can look for Green society tag.

  • Better rooftop maintenance.

  • A cooler rooftop due to the installation of the solar power system for housing society. Needless to say, if the roof is cooler, so is the rest of the building.

  • The savings on the common area electricity bill can be used for other expenses e.g.  investment in the security, installing a children's play area, rainwater harvesting, and much more.

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